AgroMax is a leading Project Company. The Company develops  projects from inception to completion on a turn-key basis, while meeting the
highest international standards.

The company and its affiliates have completed hundreds of sustainable impact
projects in Africa, Europe, Oceania and South America in the fields of: Agriculture
and Agro-Industry, Housing and Construction, Renewable Energy, Water Treatment,
Communications, Education and Training.


Modus Operandi

  • A local network of public and private contacts across the globe
  • Hands-on experience in Emerging markets
  • Strong analytical capabilities and a deep¬†understanding of local market dynamics
  • Construction and agricultural experience and know-how coupled with an understanding of the conditions across a range of economies
  • End-to-end solution capabilities in executing Greenfield projects; including experience in initiating, launching, executing and managing a range of ventures
  • Significant on-the-ground execution resources

Level of Impact